20 Sep

Lilo opening nightclub in athens tomorrow night greek city times

Greece is always fun wherever you go: athens, thessaloniki, the cyclades, crete, rhodes, corfu, santorini and naturally at the world-renowned international hangouts such as cosmopolitan mykonos, and those pumped-up party venues like ios, hersonissos and malia on crete, lagana on zante and kavos on corfu. But events in industrial and experimental techno and their seclusion to dark indoor clubs is not something that finds a natural home in athens, which largely represents the contrary, with its sun, its elderly population, and its habit of seeking to the lively streets at night. The athens poseidon hotel is a hotel near entertainment, clubs, restaurants, and anything else related with fun.

Lohan will be making 3-4 appearances a month at the club, highlighting her love for greece and greek lifestyle. Features: full bar, live music, outside seating, movies, art, trivia. People pitch up in this basement at 8 am on a sunday, after an all-night bar crawl across athens. Catering to the greek love of a good party, the bar would host events every night, and that generated just enough income to sustain a built-in record shop on the floor above.

The hostel often has events and activities for guests which range from quiz nights to karaoke nights and twice a week they have live music. But keep in mind that if you are over 21 and not into heavy metal and really don’t like trying to order a beer while standing 6 people deep at the bar you might want to avoid saturday nights and probably friday nights too.

Live music in those places and in athens generally you will find mostly fridays and saturdays. Another not to be missed spot during athens by night is the famous hilton hotel rooftop bar galaxy. Plaka and monastiraki are two ancient, historic and all-time classic athenian neighborhoods popular with visitors, they do not have many big dance en vogue club gazi and bars, but offer lively, traditional places to enjoy greek culture year-round as well as several rock and jazz clubs.

This bar – restaurant – club is full of life and since 1987 offers an unbeatable party. It is quite interesting fact to mention that some years back, a governmental law tried to impose stricter closing times to nightclubs (closing at 3 am) to boost the country’s productivity, but the a virtual rebellion put a stop to that and athenians could keep on partying happily all hours.

It is said that a night out at a place with live bouzouki music is an unforgettable experience. Ethnic, rock, latin and greek music plays at the stylish bars that decorate the islands’ alleyways, the streets of the alpine villages and cities throughout greece. Athens nightlife is just overflowing with modern, bohemian, ethnic, latin, dance, rock, fashion and mainstream bars, lounges and clubs.

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